Next-generation patented packaging solution

Our solution in action

Sophisticated technology deliver a competitive advantage

Airguard’s extensive R&D efforts have yielded a next-generation packaging solution, protected by numerous design and method patents in order to secure Airguard’s vast intellectual property. The solution’s automatically-inflatable air cushions are fully customized to deliver the highest levels of product protection, while sophisticated inflation technologies dramatically reduce operational costs.

Following Airguard’s design prototype – no expensive tooling required – a custom sample is immediately produced on a dedicated machine. One approved, high volume mass production of customized non-inflated cushions is completed in Airguard’s production facilities by proprietary machinery. At the customer’s site, an innovative auto-inflating device inflates the cushions, regardless of size or shape. 

Airguard’s plastic air cushions are made from the highest quality multilayer PE-PA-PE film available, environmentally-friendly materials that offer higher endurance and anti-puncture characteristics. Customization guarantees that the inflated areas do not come into direct contact with sharp edges or corners of a product, and comprehensive ISTA-certified drop testing ensures that product is always delivered in perfect condition. 

Learn how AirGuard helped one client design custom air cushions to meet their requirements for the fast & easy packing, more throughput and a better customer experience.

Download the detailed case study to see how client benefited from both labor and financial savings with AirGuard's revolutionary protective packaging solution.