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Tailor Made Packaging Solutions Advantages

It seems counterintuitive. The whole concept underlying the industrial revolution of the 19th century and the assembly line time and motion studies of the 20th century is that quantity is quality, and that variety and tailor-made solutions mean increased input costs. But this is the 21st century – it is time to get on to speed on how Airguard’s tailor made packaging solutions can lower every component of your overhead.


Labor efficiency

When your employees are lugging items around, whether on delivery, warehouse ordering, or storefront display, their labor input is determined by two factors- weight, and bulk. After all, it takes longer and requires more people and more care to shift items in storage if they are taking up more space. Airguard can’t do anything to change the fundamental forces of gravity or the density of your products (well, not yet anyway), but our tailor-made packaging solutions do reduce bulk and hence save labor.


Storage space efficiency

Of course, lowered bulk also translates into reduced storage space usage – a very weighty consideration in an age of rising real estate prices and lower space availability.


Less material applied per pack

You might be assuming that while you might be saving money on labor, space and shipping you are still going to lose out on the actual cost of packing. Wrong – especially given rising material costs. Airguard’s tailor made packaging solutions use up much less material than old style 20th century, one shape and size fits all generic packaging solutions.


Decreased packaging weight/ Decreased shipping costs

It may not seem like much, but the reduction of a few percent of your product weight adds up over time in terms of reducing shipping costs. However, it is more than shaving off a few percentage points – shipping companies are increasingly charging by volumetric weight of packages, and this trend is expected to continue to rise. By adopting Airguard’s tailor made packaging solutions you will be reducing not only the mass weight, but the volumetric weight of your products, and hence your overhead.


Better quality protection

Getting products to where they need to go, on time, and without burning up your profit margin, is only one aspect of what a good packaging solution delivers. Getting them there in one piece and thereby reducing product return and refunds and all of the negative publicity they generate. Airguard, by providing customized packaging solutions to each and every one of your products, maximizes shock absorbance and enhances protection to your products, enabling you to strike this expensive item off your overhead.


Reduced carbon footprint

Sure, you run a business, and need to turn a profit. And Airguard’s tailor made packaging solutions, as described above, help you reduce labor, space, shipping and materials overhead and thereby increase your profit margins. But as a responsible global citizen you want more than that – you want to know you are having a positive impact on the world, and are doing less harm than good. The good news is that you aren’t just saving your business money by adopting Airguard’s tailor made packaging solutions to your operations – you are also reducing everyone else’s negative externalities by reducing your carbon footprint. Not just by using less material for packaging, but by reducing the space taken up by storage (and hence reducing cleared vegetation), shipping needed to transport your products (and hence fossil fuel usage) and also product returns (and hence materials used to produce them).


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