Designed for Protection.
And the Planet.

innovative Packaging that inflates dividends for the planet.


more Air, please.

Airguard is answering the important question of how to ship the growing number of parcels sustainably. We do this by using air in an innovative way. Air makes up more than 99% of our protective packaging; the remaining 1% is made of fully recyclable material.

protect with air. not waste.

Airguard cushions are 99% air when protecting in transit. These cushions use less material than paper or foam-in- place products and are designed to maximize air protection where needed to prevent damage in transit.

lighten the load

Airguard is an expert in air cushions, which solve your packaging challenges by increasing packing speed, decreasing product damage in transit, as well as reducing needed packaging material, transport costs, and storage space.

When air cushions are shipped to manufacturers and distributors, they’re flat and compact, reducing weight and space by up to 98%. Even when inflated and protecting products en route to consumers, the lower cargo weight reduces CO2 consumption in transit.

it adds up

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Incorporating Airguard air cushions into packaging helps fulfillment companies reach larger sustainability goals. Together, our actions pay dividends for your business and the planet.

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