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AirGuard packaging: A Market disruptor

Fully customized solution

Airguard’s protective packaging is custom designed for each individual product, maximizing shock absorbance and protection levels. Airguard’s professional design team creates a tailored air cushion layout, taking into account the product’s sharp edges, unique shape, and original or new reduced box size. A sample prototype is produced within a few hours – in contrast to the competition’s 5-7 days lead time – and is fine-tuned to meet every customer requirement. Customization reduces package size by up to 15% compared to molded foam.

Revolutionary automatic inflation

The all-in-one solution comes complete with an Airguard on-site auto-inflation device, with a high capacity inflation rate of 300 pieces per hour. Its next-generation inflator, still in beta mode, has the capacity to inflate 480-600 pieces an hour, depending on cushion size. Human intervention is required only at the start and completion of each batch, further reducing labor costs. Airguard has also developed a manual inflator for small scale packaging, suitable for companies with lower packaging volumes.

Good for the environment

Airguard’s air cushions are fully recyclable and reusable with Recycle Symbol 7. They offer a greener, more environmentally-friendly solution than alternative packaging solutions, such as PS and PE foam. One deflated, their packaging volume is significantly smaller than foam, making disposal simpler and less labor intensive.

Space and Cost Savings

Airguard’s customized cushions are delivered to the packaging area un-inflated, effectively reducing shipping volume and storage space by 98% compared to the volume required to transport and store an equivalent quantity of molded or foam materials. Once inflated, the packaging delivers 33% better shock absorbance than foam, and reduces product package size by up to 15%. This generates at least a 25% reduction in packaging costs for Airguard customers.

QA with extensive ISTA-Certified testing

Quality is guaranteed with Airguard’s extensive ISTA or Fed Ex pre-shipment testing procedures, designed to ensure that any product with Airguard’s customized protective packaging remains in its original, damage-free form during transport, storage and delivery. Airguard’s ISTA-certified facility simulates the drop testing, vibration testing and stress normally encountered during shipping and handling, as well as any other additional testing required by the customer. Fed Ex testing is done on site at their location in Memphis, TN.

Integration into the customer’s packaging process

Airguard collaborates with customers to ensure seamless integration into the work environment, providing installation and training at the customer’s site, and ensuring the inflation process is integrated into automatic packing lines, if required. The cushions are auto-inflated just prior to use, eliminating bulky fabricated components that take up valuable space on the line or in the warehouse, and reducing the labor involved with material handling. The packaging’s tailored shape simplifies and expedites the packaging, resulting in further manpower savings on the line.

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