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About Us

Airguard Packaging Solutions is the designer and manufacturer of highly innovative, next-generation protective packaging solutions. Airguard is the only company to offer automatic production inflation systems designed to dramatically shorten the packaging process while maximizing labor efficiency. Airguard collaborates with customers to create one-off packaging solutions that focus on damage prevention, dimensional weight reduction and comprehensive cost savings – from delivery to shipping. Ideal for a wide range of industrial and consumer vertical markets, Airguard’s customized automatically-inflatable air cushions ensure the customers’ products benefit from excellent shock absorbance and better protection during transit.

Significant savings opportunities
Airguard’s solution offers significant financial advantages to customers:

  • Savings on shipping costs (Dim weight) –Volume of packaged products are reduced by 15%
  • Savings on storage costs –Warehouse space requirements are reduced by up to 98%.
  • Savings on labor – No bulky molded or foam parts are needed.

Customized solution to suit a wide range of products

The protective packaging solution is custom-designed according to the product’s shape and customer’s requirements, and shipped uninflated to the customer’s site, minimizing space required for both transit and storage. An auto-inflating device inflates air cushions of any shape, and the entire process can be seamlessly integrated into the packing workflow. The solution’s flexibility makes it suitable for a wide spectrum of vertical markets, including large consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, picture frames, glass or delicate items, medical devices, wine or spirits, industrial materials, and more.

Vast industry experience
Airguard is owned by industrial entities partners with more than 50 years of experience in the packaging industry.   Airguard is led by a highly experienced and hands-on management team, with a strong track record of success in the fields of packaging, plastics and industrial engineering.

Commitment to quality and the environment
A strong focus on R&D for both equipment and raw materials, coupled with sophisticated pre-shipment ISTA-certified testing procedures, ensures that Airguard’s IP-protected packaging is consistently of the highest quality and provides maximum protection to products. Airguard’s commitment to the environment is evident with its green packaging solution made from recyclable materials, which is significantly more environmentally friendly than the existing alternative packaging solutions in the market, such as polystyrene (PS) and Foam in Place (FIP). In addition, fewer deliveries and less storage and production space translates into a smaller overall footprint than most solutions in the market.

Satisfied customers around the globe
Airguard’s protective packaging solutions are currently in service with a wide range of Tier-1 companies, with high production volume capabilities made possible by state-of-the-art production facilities in the United States and around the world.

Disrupting the protective packaging market

“Tailor Made” Air Cushion

> Better protection in shipment
> Better Shock absorbance
> Smaller packages, about 15% reduction compared to molded foam

Inflating at the Packaging Area

> Packages delivered to the packaging area un-inflated, enabling serving faraway users
> Significant savings in shipping volume and storage space
> Manpower savings on the packaging line

Commitment to quality and the environment

> Made from recyclable materials
> Greener than alternative packaging solutions, such as PS and PE foam
> Volume of deflated packages significantly smaller than foam