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Our Mission

Protecting what matters most to our customers through

innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.

what we do

what matters.

Airguard designs sustainable and innovative packaging solutions to protect what matters most to our customers. We replace harmful and inefficient methods of packaging with our customizable solutions that save you time, money, and increase your revenue.


Air makes up more than 99% of our protective packaging; the remaining 1% is made of fully recyclable material.


Our cushions are delivered to our customers un-inflated, effectively reducing shipping volume and storage space by 98%. 


Our protective packaging is customizable to individual products, maximizing shock absorbance and protection levels. 


Our solution comes with an on-site automatic inflator with a high-capacity inflation rate of 720 cushions per hour, depending on cushion size.

who we are

No Compromise.
Inside and Out.


We serve our customers and the planet by creating innovative, eco-friendly packaging products.

We believe the power of personal ownership and team collaboration can revolutionize the packaging industry to produce environmentally safer alternatives.

Airguard HQ is in Dallas, Texas where we design and manufacture for the North American Market.

Our Vision

Global leader in resource-efficient packaging solutions, protecting products and the planet, through relentless collaboration and innovation.

What Matters

Big on Packaging.

Even Bigger on the Environment.

Airguard is answering the important question of how to ship the growing number of parcels sustainably. We do this by using air in an innovative way. Air makes up more than 99% of our protective packaging; the remaining 1% is made of fully recyclable material.

Airguard is an expert in air cushions, which solve your packaging challenges by increasing packing speed, decreasing product damage in transit, as well as reducing needed packaging material, transport costs, and storage space.

Incorporating Airguard air cushions into packaging helps fulfillment companies reach larger sustainability goals. Together, our actions pay dividends for your business and the planet. The most eco-friendly features of inflatable air cushions are:

need it quick?

As the industry leader in custom protective packaging, we offer a wide array of ready to ship cushions that meet a variety of applications.

They are available on-demand and ready to ship!


Getting It done. Faster.

Airguard’s automatic inflator is provided with the purchase of our air cushions. It has a high-capacity inflation rate of 720 cushions per hour and human intervention is required only at the start and completion of each batch.

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