Disrupting the protective packaging market

Completely Customized solution to suit your product

> Better protection in shipment
> Better Shock absorbance
> Smaller packages, about 15% reduction compared to molded foam

Significant savings opportunities

> Packages delivered to the packaging area un-inflated, enabling serving faraway users
> Significant savings in shipping volume and storage space
> Manpower savings on the packaging line

Commitment to quality and the environment

> Made from recyclable materials
> Greener than alternative packaging solutions, such as PS and PE foam
> Volume of deflated packages significantly smaller than foam

Satisfied customers around the globe

Latest Projects

Case Study

Innovative packaging saves US consumer electronics company $2.2M

By implementing AirGuard’s custom-designed air cushions and utilizing a fully automatic delivery system, a US consumer electronics company experienced significant improvements in its cable-box shipping workflow. 

Click here to learn how AirGuard’s solution drove reductions in dimensional weight, labor, and return and reuse, enabling the company to save more than $2.2M in one year.